Custom streamers

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Make your own personalised bike streamers that will match your bike and your personality.

You can choose:

  1. Length
  2. Bow color
  3. Color combination (from 1 to up to 5 different colors for one streamer) from wide palette


Frost your bicycle, bike or kick scooter with the coolest Custom Streamers. They are bike tassels, that will make a smile on your face and make you feel awesome. 🌈

100% HANDMADE in Slovenia! 🇸🇮

They are made from high quality materials: faux leather and stainless steel.

– Shorter tassels are approximately 28 cm long (+additional steeled part, which is approximately 10 cm long). They are perfect for smaller bikes, children bikes, Pony bikes or tricycles.
– Longer tassels are approximately 38 cm long (+additional steeled part, which is approximately 10 cm long) and are more appropriate for adult bikes, larger bikes and people that are not afraid to stand out.

Package includes 2 streamers and is ready to ship in up to 5 working days.

It is very easy to put on Bingelci on your bike. You just put stainless steel part securely into the end holes or rubber part of just about any handlebar grip.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your order or this item in particular!

Made with love ♥ by me!


28cm, 38cm

Bow color

beige, dark blue, gold, dark mint, purple, grey, red, brown, mint, light blue, pink, copper, white, yellow, black

3 reviews for Custom streamers

  1. Klementina T.

    Čudoviti, ravno takšni kot sem si jih zamislila. Velika hvala!

  2. Nastja H.

    Bingelci so čudoviti in so presegli vsa moja pričakovanja v pozitivnem smislu seveda☺️

  3. Sara E.

    Zelo lepo pakirano, hitro dostavljeno, kvaliteta je super… Zadovoljni zelo!

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