About Me

Hello there!

I am Lara Lukšič, 27-year-old girl based in Europe, Slovenia. I would describe myself as personified colored Bingelc who is a big fan of life. Creative freedom fuels my everyday and allows me to develop, get to know myself, explore and pushes me to live outside my comfort zone.

I am a big fan from of magical little things – the first summer sunbath, the sound of birds, finding my song of the day, watching the full moon in the middle of the sea or a bike trip with Bingelci through the city park. When I meander down more or less attractive paths, I never have a well-defined congressional goal, but I always choose the one that fills me with a lot of positive energy. I am currently finishing my study of Economics and works as social media content creator.

All Bingelci are 100% handmade in Slovenia, little town Novo mesto by me and my father. Our work is based on quality design and carefully thought-out product. Streamers have minimalistic, simple design and with their playfulness spark the imaginations of kids … and kids at heart.

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully, you too will join our Bingelci gang.

Love, Lara.

Places where we have been featured in:

Pink and Purple Streamers, bike tassels, Bingelci